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The Tom Swann Story: For a Greater Good

Read how he and the ACLU took on the Navy and won!

Praise for Tom and his book:

"I was one of the attorneys for Mr. Swann in litigation with the U.S. Navy. Mr. Swann's case was instrumental in securing protection against sexual orientation discrimination for lesbian and gay civilian employees of the Armed Services. Mr. Swann fought courageously to protect the right of lesbian and gay civilian government employees to a workplace free of discrimination and harassment as well as the right of those workers to freedom of speech. He did so a great personal cost to his health and emotional and financial well being, yet he never wavered in his pursuit of justice and equality for all lesbians and gay men."

Jon W. Davidson
Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund Inc.

"When the disappointment of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" came, it came hard. Tom had already become a lightning rod for U.S. Navy contempt and wrath. If you take on the military, you had best be ready for the fight of your life.
"Tom knew that, and accepted the challenge of his life. Even after he was fired and unemployed, and sick with AIDS, he continued to fight-and miraculously won. This book reminds us that no cost is too high and no struggle too great to achieve equality in our society."

David L. Schaub
Former Pentagon Executive Officer
1993 Alpha Squad Member

"Tom Swann's book is a how to succeed handbook, a standard operating procedure for gay activists taking on the conservative establishment, whether it is in government or the private sector. While Tom was writing this book he was my student and I shared with him many of the techniques and strategies I used to liberate our community starting before Stonewall. Tom's book strives to inspire gays and those who oppose gay civil rights to engage in the freedom of dialogue to raise conscious thought. So, read this book and be liberated."

Venerable Morris Kight
Cofounder, Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Center

"The big impact of Tom's story is in the uncomfortably close look that it gives us -- at the daily details of Tom's efforts to get fair treatment by the Navy and Marines. And the daily details of the military's pettiness, deviousness, lack of integrity, and determination, as it threw all its enormous power into the stomping of just one gay man in uniform."

Patricia Nell Warren
Wildcat Press

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President Ford and Tom

Tom Swann: Proud, Gay Veteran

U.S. Representative Barney Frank
of Massachusetts presents an award
to Tom Swann

Outside Point Mugu Missile Test Center Ventura County CA July 1993

Feature story Los Angeles Daily News
July 1993

Jim Darby, late Venerable Morris Kight, Tom, Patricia Nell Warren and Pat Bova in 2001

First bookstore sale of For a Greater Good

Tom with Navy Secretary John Dalton

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